Shankaraa, a cultural sanctum in Bangalore, is a tribute to all forms of creative expression.

At Shankaraa, we believe that our rich and diverse art forms – classical or folk, music or drama, visual art or craft – are not isolated individual traditions, but are intrinsically interwoven into the warp and weft of our spiritual tapestry. The multitude of spaces and facilities available at Shankaraa aim to breathe life into the art forms of our rich heritage

Shankaraa is equipped with a variety of fully functional venues, each unique, with the promise of providing a holistic experience. Shankaraa’s aesthetically landscaped spaces are dotted with traditional and contemporary art, showcasing murals and sculptures in an environment that creates a bridge between artists and art lovers.


A day at Shankaraa includes demonstrations, performances, and workshops about the arts, or a fully curated day of experiences for art enthusiasts and tourists looking for a glimpse into the diverse heritage of India.

“Culture is the way a nation thinks, creates, lives, celebrates, and bonds. Fortunately, women like Rashme Hegde Gopi in Bangalore are concerned enough about the slight blurring of a purely Indian ethos to do their bit to preserve what they can.”

Founder, Shankaraa

For over four decades, Rashme Hegde Gopi has been a leading exponent of Indian classical dance traditions and has successfully merged the streams of art, culture and education to give back to society in more ways than one.

Shankaraa is a quintessential tribute to the art that made the artist.




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