Taking inspiration from the patronage extended to arts by the visionary industrialist Sri BT Shankar Hegde, Rashme founded a registered charitable trust with the support and encouragement of artists, academicians, social workers, and industrialists from across the country. Thus Shankara Foundation was born– an institution built to nurture knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the arts in India and pass them on to generations to come.

The Shankara Foundation has structured its vision into the following pillars:

Poorvaranga – Academy of Traditional Arts

Rangaguccha – A Creative Arena for Children

Hastanjali – Council for Crafts


The Shankara Foundation believes deeply in the power of the arts and in the importance of reaching out to children. Rangaguccha is a platform for both rural and urban children to connect with their cultural roots and explore and nurture their creativity – a quality that is innately present in every child, but often lost over time. Here, they are initiated into a world of multi-faceted craft and art traditions and have the opportunity to interact with eminent artists and artisans.


Poorvaranga’s well acclaimed Performing Arts Unit and Centre for Excellence were established to promote, preserve and pass on varied traditional arts practices. As a study centre, Poorvaranga offers courses in classical music, dance, traditional sculpture, and traditional painting.


Under Hastanjali comes the State-Initiated Design Centre and a skill-development programme, where artisans are able to design, create, and market their crafts in the best possible manner.






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